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How to satisfy your Mandatory CPD points (MCLE points)

The Mandatory CLE (Legal CPD) scheme is premised on the notion individuals self-assessing their continuing legal educational. You can count or claim any professional development, including MCLE points, CLE points, CPD points, as long as you feel that it is relevant to your short term, medium term or longer term needs with regard to ones professional development in legal practise.

There are various ways to fulfil MCLE points, CLE points, CPD points requirements.

Anyone can simply fulfil any of the following areas that relate to the legal practice :

  • Internal corporate meetings/discussion group - 1 Mandatory CLE (MCLE or CPD) unit/hr.
  • Tutoring /Professing law - satisfies all Mandatory CLE (MCLE or CPD CPD) requirements for each calendar year any role is kept (but special conditions may apply ).
  • Online seminars/ web based programs - 1 MCLE (CPD) unit/hr.
  • University and tertiary course organised by higher education institutions - will allow with Mandatory CLE (MCLE or CPD) for each calendar year of study held (but special conditions do apply ).
  • Doing paper rounds, that is, presenting of scholarly papyruses at seminars, conventions and conferences or Pizza Huts allow 1 Mandatory CLE (MCLE or CPD) unit/hr with a maximum of 5 MCLE (CPD) units for any one course.
  • Course preparation ( how easy would this one be ), can be verbal or written which forms whole or part of general inclusions within a course of continuing legal education - 1 Mandatory CLE (MCLE or CPD ) unit/hr at an absolute macimum of 5 Mandatory CLE (MCLE or CPD) units for any 1 course.
  • Actual written publications - 1 Mandatory CLE (CLE or CPD) unit/thousand words or more of a published legal article or work - maximum of 5 Mandatory CLE (MCLE or CPD) units.
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  • Individual viewing or listening to of audio or video materials ( legal practice pertaining of course - 1 Mandatory CLE (MCEL or CPD) unit/hr to maximum of 5 MCLE (CPD) units.

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